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Embroidery Digitizing Services

Embroidery Digitizing Services

Embroidery Digitizing and Machine Embroidery

With lightning-fast turnaround, we are converting an image into a machine embroidery file format. It is referred to as digitizing logos and embroidery. Similar to changing an image format, digitizing for embroidery is not the same. Alternatively, any graphical shape can be transformed into lovely machine-stitched embroidery that can be applied to any type of fabric through the process of logo digitization. Screen printing and embroidery have very different forms. While embroidery digitizing is all about stitches, screen printing is all about graphics. Dedicated embroidery software, a skilled embroidery digitizer, and a particular embroidery machine are required for embroidery. Custom logos on clothing can be represented visually in both ways.

Embroidery Digitizing Services

Types of Digitzing Services

It is an issue of decision. Let’s say you want to digitize your logo or create custom embroidered designs for use on a cap, shirt, jacket, or other promotional items. The procedure is straightforward for this purpose: simply fill out the design and requirements form above. Any type of file, such as a png, jpg, pdf, etc., can be attached for digitizing into embroidery. If you don’t already have a design, you may either hire a professional designer or simply sketch your logo on paper. Next, submit an order by attaching your design and all necessary specifications for the embroidery digitizing task.

Embroidery Digitizing Process

Step 1: We will analyze the design file and its color scheme.

Step 2: Our Senior digitizer  will review it and start work on it.

Step 3: Once the design is digitized from the digitizer side, will send it to the head of the digitizer team for quality assurance.

Step 4: Once the design is ok from the head of the digitizer team ,then its sent to the support team and they delivers it to the customer.That’s it. The working process is just completed.

Why Choose US

  1. We are the team of best digitizers and digitizing is our Business and more than it’s our passion, offering you our creativity, and skills to make different art work digitized. We also work with CANADA, UK, or all over USA as well. And as per quality assurance I will give welcome design in just $5 and fastest turnaround time in market just 2 to 3 hours.
  2. No extra or hidden charges for Edits
  3. Fastest Turnaround time which is 2 to 3 hours
  4. We are also able to provide Rush Orders without charging anything extra.
  5. We have old guns ( the experienced ones ) accompanied by young bloods ( creative and innovative ones )

Digitizing For All Embroidery Machines

 If you need a digitizing service for any other machine that is not mentioned in the list please send the embroidery machine name during the order.

  • Janome Machine
  • Brother Machine
  • Tajima Machine
  • Ricoma Machine
  • Bernina  Elna
  • Husquavarna
  • Janome
  • Pfaff and Singer


We go into great depth in the aforementioned article, but in case you are still unclear, I’ve included a few frequently asked questions that we think you should be aware of. Please have a look. If, despite reading the FAQs, you are still having problems, send us an email and we will address your concerns via live chat.

Size of your logo depends on the placement of your logo, So you can simply let us know the placement of your logo when filling the order form. You can choose the option “other” and provide your size in an additional information box.

Our standard turnaround time for Machine Embroidery Digitizing Services  is 4 -12 Hours if there is no urgency, Incase you require urgent then we deliver it within 1-4 hours.

We can provide you with any machine format you require. You can simply share your machine name or file format name in order form, we will deliver your digitized design in required file format.

Your digitized embroidery design files will be delivered via email address , in case you require any other way we can send it to you.

Yes, We can do it .We can create your design from an image or screenshot as well. Feel free to attach it to order form for Embroidery Digitizing Services.

There are no hidden charges. We also don’t charge you for stitch counts , we offer flat rates. We don’t even charge for editing in design or changing the file format. We may apply a very small amount of charges in case you want to add something in your design.

Payments processed through PayPal and stripe. So, you can pay through either PayPal or debit/credit cards. But if you have any difficulty in payment then you can contact us. So, we can provide you the alternative way.

Embroidery refers to clothing that has a pattern or logo stitched into its fabric. Printing is when a design or logo is printed directly onto the garment. Printing and embroidery both have their own pros and cons.

A custom embroidery logo is basically a logo that has been designed entirely from scratch. Embroidery refers to clothing that has a pattern or logo stitched into its fabric.

For machine embroidery digitizing services cost is usually determined by the color changes in the thread and the stitch number needed for item embroidery. The cost is usually between $10-$40.


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