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By using the DCF Embroidery website, you consent to read and abide by the following terms and conditions.

Website Disclaimers

Everything on this website, including but not limited to the text, images, links, and services mentioned, is provided “as is” and “as available.” We make no guarantees for the accuracy, timeliness, security, or error-free nature of the information on this website or its contents. You specifically acknowledge that accessing the DCF Embroidery website is entirely at your own risk by using this one.


Owing to the unique nature of our services, you must examine your artwork (whether you are digitizing or vectorizing embroidery), making sure to check its spelling, color scheme, print quality, and positioning, among other things. Before the production process begins, you must go over each and every design and make sure that there are no mistakes of any type. Before beginning the digitizing or vectorization procedure, the first sew-out or vectorization test should be conducted. Please Take Care When Reviewing. DCF Embroidery disclaims all liability for any errors, inconsistencies, or damages to the vectorized file or garment. Additionally, licenses or permissions from the clients are required for the National Logos. DCF Embroidery disclaims any liability for misuse of any vectorized, digitalized, or logo design.


This website may occasionally alter any or all of the information it contains, without informing you beforehand or after the change takes effect.

Limitation of Liability

DCF Embroidery constantly works to guarantee that the services offered on its website are precise and timely. Ultimately, though, the onus is on the buyer or client. For any such issues and/or problems (of any sort) stemming from delay and/or inaccuracy, DCF Embroidery shall not be accountable.

Free Order Policy

– User must have business e-mail.
– User have to verify the business.
– User must provide social proof for business


DCF Embroidery is the exclusive owner and/or licensee of all digitized and vectorized artwork, including but not limited to designs, photos, layouts, themes, text, and/or other visuals hosted. It is expressly forbidden to reproduce, redistribute, and/or sell this work in part or in full.

Return, Refund, OR Exchange Policy

Due to the digital nature of products, we do not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges.

However, we offer (within) 7 days money-back guarantee in most cases once we evaluate and concur with your reason to be valid.

Shipping or Delivery

All orders—whether they involve vectorized or digital files—will be sent electronically, that is, via email to the customer’s address on file, rather than being physically sent to a postal address.


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